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Next Journal Club
  22nd of February at 12:00.
  Yuriy Viktorovich Mil'chevskiy (IMB RAS). Prediction of secondary structure of proteins by way of physicochemical parameters. The seminar will be delivered on Tuesday 15th of February.
  1. Mars Sharapov
2. Oxana Galzitskaya
Journal Club
  1. Dmitry Ivankov
2. Oxana Galzitskaya
Journal Club
  Michail Lobanov with papers:
     1. McLeish T.C.B. Protein folding in high-dimentional spaces: hypergutters and the role of non-native interactions. Biophys J. 2005 Jan;88(1):172-83. PDF
     2. Buchete N.V., Straub J.E., Thirumalai D. Development of novel statistical potentials for protein fold recognition. Curr Opin Struct Biol. 2004 Apr;14(2):225-32. Review. PDF
     3. Buchete N.V., Straub J.E., Thirumalai D. Orientetion potentials extracted from protein structures improve native fold recognition. Protein Sci. 2004 Apr;13(4):862-74. PDF
  Happy New 2005 Year!!!
  We congratulate Bogdan Melnik! He became the candidate of science!
Journal Club 
  N.Bogatyreva, O.Galzitskaya, S.Garbuzinskiy, D. Ivankov. Reports about CASP6 meeting.
Journal Club 
  Michail Roytberg with report about work of A. Rubinin about protein-ligand interaction.
Journal Club
1. Bogdan Melnik with report about FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy).
2. Dmitry Ivankov with paper "Structural Examination of Phi-Value Analysis in Protein Folding. H.Feng, N.-D. Vu, Z. Zhou, and Y. Bai. Biochemistry, (2004), 43, 14325-14331." PDF


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